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4 Tips for the perfect road trip through Austria

Austria is a stunning country, packed with so many amazing activities to do as well as iconic monuments to visit. Tourists are gradually beginning to recognize Austria as an amazing travel destination, as tourism levels peaked in 2018; more than 40 million visitors flocked to the country to admire all that it has to offer. The best way to experience as much of Austria as possible is with a road trip, but there’s potential for this to go very wrong if you haven’t planned properly. Here are four tips that are guaranteed to make your road trip through Austria simply perfect.

1. Travel by Car

Tips for the perfect road trip through Austria

There are multiple ways to road trip through Austria and explore all of the amazing things that the country has to offer, but the best way by far is to hire a car and hit the Austrian roads. Many people are reluctant to do this as they worry about navigating foreign motorways and have heard rumors about the dangers of European roads. However, driving around Europe is perfectly safe and fatality rates are the best they’ve ever been for driving in Europe. Driving also gives you a chance to explore the aesthetic Austrian landscape at your own pace, instead of out of the window of a fast speed train.

2. Bring some entertainment

Tips for the perfect road trip through Austria

The adults in the car are sure to be amazed by everything they encounter during the road trip; the mountainous landscape and lush rolling hills will never get boring. However, if you have small children in the car, you’ll need to pack a lot of entertainment to keep them occupied until you reach the next stop-off point. Hangman and the license plate game are classic road trip games that don’t require a lot of equipment to play. The entertainment can also be educational and you could create your own Austrian bingo board, where they cross off iconic landmarks and animals whenever they spot them out of the window. If all else fails, download a few movies onto an electronic tablet before you set off.

3. Don’t be too strict with your travel itinerary

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Tips for the perfect road trip through Austria

When planning your Austrian road trip, you might get carried away with your travel plans and end up cramming too many amazing activities into your days. However, with road trips anything can happen, so you should leave some time aside for emergencies; missing activities for a flat tyre or traffic can leave you feeling stressed or even disappointed during your trip. Also, some of the best activities are off the beaten track and those that you spot randomly while traveling, so leave some time for spontaneity.

4. Food can make or break your road trip

During your road trip, it’s unlikely that you’ll stop at a restaurant for every meal. It’s important to stock up on some nutritious snacks, like fruit and nuts, as food loaded with sugar will only cause your kids to crash and feel bad in the long term. While you’re in the country, go out of your comfort zone and try some traditionally Austrian snacks like wiener schnitzel.

4 Tips for the perfect road trip through Austria

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