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That's us!

That’s us!

Welcome to the Travelogue Connect family!

We are Aditi & Deepak, an Indian couple bitten by wanderlust! Travel makes us feel alive and awesome! We look for opportunities to travel every now and then, be it long weekends or quarterly trips, we are always ready to pack our bags and leave! After all, it’s the best feeling in the world to travel with your best friend. Right?

So far, we have traveled to 13 Countries; 20 Indian States & 4 Union Territories. Clicked thousands of pictures, created innumerable memories, have countless stories to tell! 

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We love to share our travel stories with the world, pen down our travel experiences, share itineraries, beautiful pictures, packing and travel tips, give accommodation suggestions and discuss everything related to travel!

So, let’s start the journey, shall we?

Travel Style:

For us travel means visiting new places, trying out unique and local cuisines, experiencing different cultures, listening to the stories of other travelers, trying out new adventures (we are always game for it!), gaping at visual delights and wonders that the world has to offer, witnessing diverse landscapes, living with the local people and soaking in their warm hospitality, setting foot on beautiful lands and observing the beautiful nature! We also believe that responsible and eco-friendly travelers are the best travelers.

Our travels are mostly budget comfortable trips, with money being spent on experiences rather than luxurious 5-star hotels. We have those kinds of luxurious holidays too, reserved for special occasions! Sometimes we are hardcore backpackers, sometimes budget travelers, and sometimes luxurious tourists. We are fortunate enough to have experienced all kinds of travel!

People often ask us how do we manage our finances and leaves for traveling so much, we would just say it’s all about priorities. Where there is a will, there is a way!

Our Journey:



I am a Chartered Accountant by qualification, Project Manager by profession, and travelholic by passion!

I got married in 2012 and currently stay in Mumbai with my husband Deepak who is a travel junkie too; so despite both of us being in full-time corporate jobs, we manage to go on frequent trips together.



My husband is a CA, CS, and MBA by qualification, and an inspirer by nature. He is a fan of good wine and great coffee!  He loves adventure activities just like me. 

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Happy Travelling! 

Aditi & Deepak

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