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The Emerald Islands of Andaman & Nicobar – Honeymoon Destination

It was our honeymoon trip to the hidden gems of India, the Emerald Islands of Andaman & Nicobar. 🙂

Why are the Emerald Islands of Andaman & Nicobar a perfect honeymoon destination?

Deciding the destination for your honeymoon is quite a task! My husband and I were really confused as to where we should be going, so we sat down and listed our exact requirements from the destination.

After giving it a thought, we realized that we wanted a destination that would allow us to enjoy a romantic stay at scenic beaches. We also wanted some peace and thus wanted to avoid places with a lot of crowds. In addition to that, we were looking for a chance to indulge in some adventures.

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After much consideration, we thought Andaman & Nicobar Islands would be the ideal honeymoon destination for us. Due to its international standards of tourism within the domestic boundaries of India, the appeal for the destination was very high.


They are an archipelago of 572 islands and one of the seven Union Territories of India.

Best time to visit:

We visited them in the first week of May. They are around the year tourist destination, but the best time to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands is considered from October to May. During this time, all the water sports are open to visitors and it is an excellent time to visit the islands. The temperatures are also not very extreme and range between 23 ° C and 30 ° C.

Monsoon season is from June until September. They are recommended to be avoided because of the high tidal waves, rains and strong winds. Also, in case of heavy rainfall and unpredictable seas, water sports may not be an option.

How to Reach:

There are direct flights from Kolkata and Chennai to Port Blair. There are connecting flights to Port Blair from other cities of India.

Passport & Visa Requirements:

For Foreign Travelers:

Foreign travelers visiting the Andaman & Nicobar Islands should have a valid passport & visa and should get their restricted area permits. Restricted area permit is provided right upon arrival at Port Blair airport. Counters for foreign travelers are present where you can visit and get the permit.

For Indian Travelers:

Indian Nationals visiting the Andaman & Nicobar Islands do not require a passport or visa as it is a part of India. A specific permission with details about the visit is however required to visit notified Tribal areas (e.g. research, educational etc).

Stay and Duration:

Port Blair – Fortune Resort Bay Island (Overlooking the pristine blue waters of Bay of Bengal)

Emerald Islands of Andaman & Nicobar

Fortune Resort Bay Island

Havelock Island – Munjoh Ocean Resort (Separate Villas with a private beach, isn’t that amazing?)

Emerald Islands of Andaman & Nicobar

Munjoh Ocean Resort

Our sweet romantic honeymoon trip lasted for 7 days and 6 nights. 🙂

15 Most Amazing things to do:

1. Snorkeling & Scuba Diving at the Elephant Beach in Havelock Island (You don’t need to know Swimming to try Scuba!)

2. Witnessing Bioluminescence at Havelock Island (Go for Night Kayaking tours which are organized by Tanaz Noble at Havelock Island. The tour starts at Havelock Jetty, near Barefoot Bar & Brasserie (Contact +91 99332 69653; ₹3,000 per person)

3. Visiting Radhanagar Beach (This beach is rated as one of the best beaches in Asia by TIME Magazine)

4. Banana Boat & Jet Ski Rides at North Bay Beach

5. Glass Bottom Boat Ride (Marine life can be seen through a glass bottom in the boat as you sail through the sea. These glass-bottom boats ply between Water Sports Complex & North Bay Coral Island and between Port Blair & Jolly Buoy Island)

6. Parasailing at Havelock Island

7. Travelling in a Sea Plane (Taking off in a seaplane by Pawan Hans Helicopters Ltd. is one of the most exclusive things to do in Andaman. You can experience this unique ride while going from Port Blair to Havelock or while returning. The seaplanes can carry only 9 passengers at a time and the duration of flight is 20 minutes)

8. Travelling on a Luxury Cruise (MV Makruzz is the first privately owned luxury catamaran in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands and has 2 decks with a passenger capacity of 280. The state-of-the-art craft services between Port Blair and Havelock in 90 minutes)

9. Taking Sightseeing Tours: Explore the Andaman Tourist Attractions

10. Attending the Light & Sound Show at Cellular Jail (Kala Pani Jail)

11. Trekking in the islands. It is one of the most sought-after adventure sport in the Andaman and Nicobar islands. It is also called as ‘backpacking’ or ‘bushwalking’ or ‘stramping’. (The main areas for trekking are the rocky stretch of terrain that extends from the magniloquent hammock known as Mount Harriet to Madhuban)

12. Exploring the Limestone Caves in the Baratang Island (The ride in a speedboat to the intriguing caves with mangrove trees on both sides is one of the fascinating things to do in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands)

13. Visiting the Mud Volcano in the Baratang Island

14. Bird Watching at Chidiya Tapu

15. Island Hopping to catch exquisite sunrises and sunsets

Emerald Islands of Andaman & Nicobar

Finding Nemo during Scuba Diving!

Things to carry:

  • Sunscreen, a minimum of 30 SPF
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Caps or hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Umbrellas/Raincoats (If visiting during monsoons)
  • Extra slippers
  • Water bottle (When visiting the Baratang Island)
  • Extra easy-to-dry thin towels
  • Extra clothes when you go to enjoy the water activities
  • Carry a torch always even if you’re simply strolling on the beach after dinner

Places to Shop:

Sagarika Emporium in DAG Colony, Port Blair

Aberdeen Bazaar, Port Blair

We visited the following during our trip:

1. Cellular Jail during the day (Light & Sound Show in the evening is a must visit)

2. Ross, Viper, Red Skin, Neil and Jolly Buoy Islands

3. Havelock Island (MV Makruzz Luxury Cruise, Parasailing, Snorkeling & Scuba Diving)

4. Anthropological Museum

5. North Bay Beach (For Water Sports Activities & Glass Bottom Boat Ride)

6. Vijay Nagar Beach

7. Radhanagar Beach (One of the Best Beaches in Asia)

8. Forest Museum & Chatham Saw Mill

9. Samudrika Naval Marine Museum

10. Lime Stone Caves & Mud Volcano at the Baratang Island

11. Gandhi Park

12. Fisheries Museum

13. Chidiya Tapu (Famous for its Sunset)

Please Note:

The tribal people of the Andaman Islands – Jarawa, Great Andamanese, Onge, and Sentinelese can be seen on the way to the Baratang Island. However, talking to them or clicking their pictures is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.

Our trip to this beautiful place ended on a happy note and we carried home loads of precious memories. 🙂

For more inspiration on Andaman & Nicobar Islands, please visit here.


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Emerald Islands of Andaman & Nicobar

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