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Family Holidays in Georgia

Georgia located in the South Caucasus region is a unique country where one can enjoy unforgettable holidays with friends and family. Here everyone will find something interesting like hiking in the mountains, camping on the lakeside, skiing, holidays on the beach and much more.

Today we’d like to tell you some interesting seasonal destinations for family tours in Georgia.

Winter holidays in Georgia

The Caucasus Mountains in winter have long become a place for the lovers of extreme sports.

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The most popular ski resort in Georgia is Gudauri. It is a modern resort with the infrastructure for a comfortable stay. The slopes of Sadzele and Kudebi mountains are just perfect for beginners and lovers of adrenaline. By the way, the best freeride slopes at an altitude of 4,200 meters are located in Gudauri. On the slopes, there is a four-chair lift with a length of 2130 meters. The lowest of them is located at an altitude of 1990 meters, the highest one is at the height of 3307 meters.

Family Holidays in Georgia


Besides the perfect slopes and mountains, there is everything you will need for a comfortable and unforgettable holiday. There are both expensive hotels and affordable guesthouses in Gudauri. For children’s recreation, there are interesting parks for entertainment. The slopes have a separate ski lift for children, moreover, there is a playground with slides and a park for riding tubing.

Bakuriani is the second popular ski resort, which can be a great option for a family holiday. For children, there is a great entertainment center Joy Land, a separate zone on the slopes with special tracks and an entertainment program. In addition, the ski resort has an amusement park Didveli with slides and swings.

Family Holidays in Georgia


For adults, the slopes of Mount Kohta have always been the best place to ski. Two tracks are divided by difficulty levels. The upper slopes are for freeriding. The lower tracks are suitable for beginners.

Summer holidays in Georgia

Adjara is a great place for summer holidays with the whole family. The clean shores of the Black Sea have become a popular destination for guests of neighboring countries. The Autonomous Republic of Adjara stretches out on the Black Sea coast with dense forests and mountains on one side and the deep blue sea on the other side. For a family holiday, you can choose any of the resort towns and small villages of Adjara.

Let’s start with Batumi, the capital of Adjara. A few years ago Batumi was a post-Soviet city, but today it is a beautiful resort city with an impressive ultra-modern architecture. There is everything you need for a great holiday including comfortable hotels, amusement parks, cafes and restaurants, attractions on the beach, Water Park, dolphinarium, and much more.

Family Holidays in Georgia


The Botanical Garden of Batumi is another interesting place to spend time with a whole family. On the vast territory of the botanical garden, there are tropical forests, a bamboo grove, exotic trees, bushes, and rare flowers. From the observation deck opens you may enjoy one of the best views of the sea and the beach.

Family Holidays in Georgia

The Botanical Garden of Batumi

Not far from Kobuleti there is another popular place to visit with kids. Tsitsinatela is a large amusement park that is always crowded.  By the way, the amusement park is considered one of the largest parks in the Caucasus.

Family Holidays in Georgia


Family holidays in Tbilisi

The capital of Georgia is a beautiful modern city, which at the same time preserved its historical monuments and colors of the old city. You will definitely enjoy a walk through the narrow streets of Old Tbilisi, exploring medieval buildings and doing some shopping. In case children get bored, immediately head to Mount Mtatsminda. This is the most popular place in the city.

More precisely, the amusement park of attractions Bombora is the best place for entertainment. The park is named after a famous Georgian fairy tale and it really looks like a real fairy tale with huge animal sculptures, houses upside down, crooked paths and the most interesting attractions. The park is very large and you will have to spend a lot of time exploring all the interesting places.

Family Holidays in Georgia

Bombora Amusement Park

On the other hand, you can take a train and ride through the whole park with comfort. You can climb the mountain by the funicular and at the same time admire the view of the city. And in the end, you can dine with the whole family in Funicular Restaurant that is one of the most popular places in the city. It was opened in 1905 and has already become the symbol of the city.

We hope you liked our suggestions to spend a family holiday in Georgia. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Family Holidays in Georgia Family Holidays in Georgia

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