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Happiness is Hampi

Don’t Worry, Be Hampi!

Happiness is backpacking trips!

Happiness is bathing Lakshmi in a river!

Happiness is chasing 20 chickens on a farm!

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Happiness is making random plans to travel!

Happiness is learning how to climb boulders!

Happiness is a group hug and a group picture!

Happiness is crossing a river on a coracle boat!

Happiness is meeting our lovely hosts Murali and Sha!

Happiness is seeing a child sleep peacefully in Sha’s lap!

Happiness is celebrating a birthday in the middle of a trip!

Happiness is eating local food and relishing every bit of it!

Happiness is visiting the ancient ruins and historical sites!

Happiness is the warm hospitality of a Nepali shopkeeper!

Happiness is visiting a temple full of monkeys who follow us everywhere!

Happiness is getting lost on the trail and still feel happy about it!

Happiness is gazing at the stars and looking for a shooting star all night!

Happiness is playing with a furry friend and getting licked by him all over!

Happiness is having a hot cuppa at a stall while waiting for the bus!

Happiness is listening to a mother & daughter talk about their travel experiences while waiting in a queue to the temple!

Happiness is learning some tricks from our new photographer friends!

Happiness is eating hot noodles cooked by our lovely hosts and having conversations till early mornings!

Happiness is having pickle and rice for dinner and relishing every bit of it!

Happiness is meeting an aged couple who have the same enthusiasm for travel as us!

Happiness is feeling the cool breeze on our face when we travel in a bus!

Happiness is watching the local women sing folk songs on our way to the homestay!

Happiness is being in constant touch with our new friends whom we met during our trip!

Happiness is appreciating and enjoying the small things of life which really matter and being grateful for them!

Happiness is listening to an auto driver/guide talk about his life and family!

Happiness is traveling without qualms in local buses during the entire trip!

Happiness is chilling out late night at cafés with travelers from all over the world!

Happiness is meeting innocent and helpful people who go out of their way to help us!

Happiness is random acts of kindness by strangers which restored our faith in humanity!

Happiness is talking for hours on end to the shopkeepers and knowing a little more about their lives!

Happiness is offering our bottle of water to the lady climbing 550 steps to visit the birthplace of Hanuman Ji (Indian God)!

Happiness is meeting new people from all over the world and listening to their stories!

Happiness is being relied upon and considered safe company by a local young lady!

Happiness is climbing 550 steps to watch the golden sunset in the mountains!

Happiness is feeling completely safe while trekking late night on a deserted road to reach our homestay!

Happiness is making plans to wake up at 5 am to watch the sunrise but instead snuggling in bed and going back to sleep!

Happiness is waking up to the mountains, singing of the birds, paddy fields and gurgling sounds of a river!

Happiness is being offered a helping hand by an elderly Parisian couple cross a river barefoot at night!

Happiness is Hampi 🙂

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Backpacking to Hampi

Below are some pictures from this memorable trip. Hope you like them. 🙂

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  2. This is such a good post and thank you for sharing it

  3. Wow, awesome post. I really enjoyed reading it, thanks for sharing

  4. Anindya says:

    Great to know about your travel blog……am from Calcutta too….:)….

  5. Siddharth says:

    Awesome post and lovely pictures!

  1. November 14, 2017

    […] If you like this article, for more pictures of Hampi, you can also read, Happiness is Hampi […]

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