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How to experience the real Vietnam!

Whether you’re going on organized tours of Vietnam or exploring on your own, there are so many incredible and awe-inspiring sights to see.

Here are some of the ways to see Vietnam at its finest, without always following the tourist crowds.

1. Hoang Su Phi

The Hoang Su Phi rice fields, with their towering steps, are a truly spectacular sight. Gold and green will surround you as you walk through them, watching Vietnamese daily life.

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The fields at Hoang Su Phi are some of the most beautiful in Vietnam, and look like a scene straight from a movie. It’s best to visit just before harvest season, in September and early October, when the rice fields are at their best.

Real Vietnam

2. Hoi An

The UNESCO protected ancient town of Hoi An is one of Vietnam’s most incredible sights. This Vietnamese port town sits beside the Thu Bon River, and demonstrates the architecture of the 15th to 19th centuries.

In total in Hoi An, there are 1,107 timber frame buildings along narrow streets and alleyways. The 18th-century bridge, complete with pagoda, provides a perfect photo opportunity.

Hoi An is being carefully preserved and protected as a lasting example of the traditional Vietnamese way of life.

3. Train Street

Hanoi’s Train Street is fascinating and terrifying in equal measure. This narrow street, used by pedestrians, is just wide enough for the trains that run along it. Doorways of the street’s buildings open straight onto the tracks in this residential location.

Nothing can be left outside on the Train Street. Children that are playing must learn to make their way indoors as the passing train approaches, taking their bikes and toys with them. The train goes along the street twice each day, and you must be careful not to be on the street as it’s passing by.

Real Vietnam

4. Temple of Literature

Situated in Hanoi, the Confucian Temple of Literature is a breathtakingly beautiful attraction. This temple started life in 1070, as a university dedicated to the teachings of Confucius.

You’ll feel calm as you walk around the Temple of Literature, with highlights including the Well of Heavenly Clarity and a number of tranquil courtyards. From the grand main entrance to the central path, which once only the king could walk on, this ancient place of study has many notable highlights.

5. Golden Bridge

Vietnam’s Golden Bridge is in a mountaintop location, held up by two giant stone hands. The bridge is accessed by cable car, and you can then walk its entire length. The Golden Bridge is located in Da Nang. When skies are clear at the bridge’s height, you can see for many miles around. The bridge is often enveloped in fog – making for a very atmospheric trip.

If you visit as early as possible, the Golden Bridge will be almost empty and incredibly peaceful. It soon starts to fill with crowds of tourists, making for a very different experience.

Real Vietnam

With so many wonderful things to see in Vietnam, you’ll have no trouble filling your holiday itinerary. The real Vietnam is a place of diversity and variety, from ancient towns to modern tourist attractions.

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