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All-in-One Comfortable, Essential, Lightweight & Stylish Packing List for Europe

Packing the right stuff for a dream trip to Europe can be daunting! Yes, we feel your pain. We’ve been through it, not once but twice. We have learned from our mistakes and now we consider ourselves experienced enough to guide you what should you pack for an awesome trip to Europe. In this article, we shall hold your hand and take you step-by-step through all the aspects of packing. This article covers all the things you need to pack for 1 week/2 weeks/1 month trip to Europe for both men and women. It doesn’t matter if you are staying in a hotel, Airbnb, apartment or hostel, this guide mentions all the things you need to carry for your trip. It also covers everything you need to pack if you are staying in a hostel dorm. This all-in-one comfortable, lightweight & stylish packing list for Europe will cover everything you need to carry for each season in Europe. The weather in Europe varies according to the country you travel to and in which season you choose to go. It’s important to be prepared for the changing weather and conditions. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You have come to the right place for all your packing needs. We have divided this article into various sections of packing. You can choose to read all or jump directly to your favorite section. Happy Packing! 🙂

P.S. We have written “Optional” against few items. It means it’s entirely up to you to decide to carry them or not. 


All-in-One Comfortable, Lightweight & Stylish Packing Guide for Europe

  1. Cash
  2. Wallet
  3. Cell Phone
  4. Forex Card
  5. Local Sim Card (Better to buy them in Europe. They generally cost 20 Euros, valid for a year)

Important Documents

Digital (Saved in your phone/email) / Print Copy of the following:

All-in-One Comfortable, Lightweight & Stylish Packing List for Europe

  1. Visa
  2. Passport
  3. Itinerary/Booked Tours
  4. Flight/Train/Bus Tickets
  5. Hostel/Hotel/Airbnb Bookings
  6. ID Proof (Passport/Voter ID/Aadhar Card etc.)

Photo (Optional)

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Packing Accessories

All-in-One Comfortable, Lightweight & Stylish Packing List for Europe

Packing Cubes

All-in-One Comfortable, Lightweight & Stylish Packing List for Europe

In Venice, Italy – That’s our total luggage for a 15 days trip to Europe

Packing Cubes – They are a life-saving packing accessory! We can swear by them, seriously. We ordered a set of 4 cubes each for my husband and me from Amazon for our first Europe trip, and packing has been so much easier since then! Now, we can’t even think of packing without our cubes.

Osprey Backpack – Dragging a big suitcase all the way up/down stairs, tubes and cobblestone streets, panting and sweating all the way, is a big-big pain in the wrong place. Solution? Carry a backpack! Easy on the shoulders, keeps your hands free and no irritating dragging sound too. 😛 We carry a Farpoint 70-liter backpack from Osprey.

Shoulder/Day Backpack – To carry all the essential items for the day like cash, cards, passport, tickets, tour invoices, water-bottle, shades, tissues, cell phone and so on.


All-in-One Comfortable, Lightweight & Stylish Packing List for Europe

Universal Adapter


Camera & it’s accessories + Extra Battery + Extra Memory Card – A good camera to capture all those lovely travel moments. You can carry a DSLR, DigiCam, Tripod. Whatever suits your needs. Many people click pics only with their phones. So, it’s up to you to decide to carry a camera and it’s accessories or not.

Power Bank – You won’t have the facility to charge your phone every time they drain out like you do at home, so better to carry a good power bank with a high mAh.

Universal Adapter – For charging all your electronic devices, you need a Universal Adapter. Please note that the adapters for Asia, Americas, Australia, Africa and Europe are all different. You also get all in one types online. So, do your research before buying one for Europe.

Chargers – Don’t forget all the chargers!

Podcast & Earphones (Optional) – Time for some music, eh?

Laptop/iPad (Optional) – Only if you want to! We generally don’t carry it. But if you are going for a long period, you might want to carry it. Also, many bloggers carry it to update their blog during the trip. We prefer taking down notes and updating our blog once we are back.

Kindle (Optional) – If you like to read during a trip, carry it. I know many of you prefer hard books, but be practical; less luggage is always better.

Travel Iron (Optional) – Crumpled clothes look untidy. Honestly, they do. And, all hostels/hotels/apartments do not necessarily provide an iron. So, better to carry a small travel iron during your trip. We learned this lesson in our previous 2 trips.

Blow Dryer (Optional) – Wet hair looks sexy just after a bath, but not when you are all set to go out and explore. Some hotels/apartments provide a blow dryer, but most don’t. So carry a small blow dryer for your convenience. 

We carry all the small electronics in this Travel Case from Amazon. It’s compact and easy to carry, keeping all the electronics safely in one place. 

Flight/Airport Carry-Ons

All-in-One Comfortable, Lightweight & Stylish Packing List for Europe

Ear Plugs, Eye Mask and Neck Pillow

Ear Plugs – Soft noise-reduction foam earplugs are really helpful in shutting out all kinds of external noise in the flight. They also come handy if you are sleeping in a dormitory.

Eye Mask – If you like to sleep in the dark, and want to give your tired eyes some rest, it’s a serious blessing! Trust me.

Neck Pillow – For supporting your neck area well during long flights.

Anti Theft Products

All-in-One Comfortable, Lightweight & Stylish Packing List for Europe


Padlocks – Not lovelocks. 😉 You need them to lock your stuff properly. Better to be safe than sorry. Keep an eye on your luggage at all times is the best advice we can give you, from our own experiences.

Moneybelts (Optional) – For keeping all the important stuff like cash, cards etc. We generally keep the important things in our day backpack and lock it.

Medicines Kit

All-in-One Comfortable, Lightweight & Stylish Packing List for Europe

Medicines Kit

These are the few general medicines we carry. You can alter them as per your needs. It’s not necessary that you will use them during the trip but better to have a small medicine kit in your luggage.

Eno – Helps in acidity/indigestion

Volini Cream – Relieves pain

Saridon/Sinarest/Vicks – They are used for cold, cough, fever etc.

Boroline + Bandage – Heals any cuts/wounds, chapped skin.

Balm/Roll On – Beneficial for a headache.


All-in-One Comfortable, Lightweight & Stylish Packing List for Europe

Waterproof Raincoat

Specs – Only if you have power in your eyes, of course!

Umbrella/Raincoat – It can rain anytime in Europe, especially in Central Europe, so carry a colorful umbrella or waterproof raincoat. We carry a compact and lightweight rain jacket by Decathlon.

Safety Pins – Multipurpose use! Always comes handy in unexpected situations.

Waterbottle, Snacks – An empty water bottle and some snacks to munch on all day. Carry the empty water bottle in your day backpack always. Everybody drinks tap water in Europe when available. It’s healthy, tasty and safe!

Plastics/1 small extra bag – It’s required to keep your dirty laundry so that the rest of your clothes don’t get smelly in your suitcase/backpack.

Notepad, Pen (Optional) – Pen down your thoughts when you travel to a beautiful place, especially if you like to make a note of things like me. It helps me later while writing articles on our blog.


All-in-One Comfortable, Lightweight & Stylish Packing List for Europe

In Amsterdam, Netherlands 🙂


  1. Short/Long Sleeved – You can wear them with literally anything like skirts/shorts/jeans/trousers!
  2. Tank & Tube Tops – You can wear them directly with a cute pair of shorts/jeans or cover them up with a shrug/jacket during the cool season.

Shirts (For men) – Long sleeved (during winters/fall) and short sleeved (spring/summers).

Bermudas (For men) – Goes really well with light breezy shirts during summers.

Skirts – For a stylish look and social media worthy pictures, you definitely need some cool skirts. You can wear them with stockings for an elegant look during winters to keep you warm.

Dresses – You can wear them in spring/summer/fall and winter (Couple them up with stockings for a sophisticated look when the temperature is low.

Shorts – Pair them up with a nice top and you are good to go! You can even wear stockings underneath it when required.

Pants/Trousers/Jeans – A pair of well-fitting jeans/trousers/pants is an absolute essential during the spring/fall/winter season.

Pantyhose/Stockings/Tights – If you are not a jeans/trousers person, you can pair up your dresses/shorts/skirts with stockings for a trendy and smart look. They also keep your legs warm and cozy.

Cap/Hat – They can accessorize any plain outfit and make you look super trendy. Also, I wear them when my hair is unmanageable and a cap/hat instantly covers up the messy mane. Carry woolen caps if traveling during winters.

Scarf – They can instantly pep up any boring outfit and can be worn with a plain tube/tank top or even a dress. Also make sure to keep one in your handbag at all times, in case you need to cover up your shoulders at any point in time. I remember I had to buy one on our way to the Vatican City because I had forgotten to carry one in my purse. Nevertheless, I treat it as a cute souvenir from Italy

Stole – They will keep you warm especially at the airports. I was a little feverish on our way back to India from Budapest and covered myself up with it at the airport throughout the night. It felt so warm and nice, I can’t even explain. To be on the safer side, always carry a stole with you when you travel.

Jacket – A must carry when traveling to Europe. The weather in Europe is quite unpredictable and you definitely need 2-3 jackets (heavy/lightweight) to keep you warm and comfortable.

Gloves – Carry good leather gloves when traveling to Europe during winters.

Innerwear – I don’t think I need to emphasize this point more. Comfortable and well-fitting innerwear can make/break any outfit.

Night Wear – A comfy pair of pyjamas/bermudas is just what you require after a long day for a good night sleep.

Swimming wear – Carry some sexy beachwear for a swim during your trip.

Strapless Bra (Must) – You can wear them with off-shoulder tops/dresses for a neat look.

Sweater (Optional) – Pair them up with a well-fitting trousers/pants/jeans and ankle/knee-length boots for an urban chic look.


All-in-One Comfortable, Lightweight & Stylish Packing List for Europe

3 in 1 – Eyeliner+Kajal+Eye Shadow

Belts – Designer/Plain belts have a multipurpose use. They can highlight any ordinary outfit and give you a perfect fit.

Shades – Looks trendy plus keeps your eyes protected. Since my husband and I both wear specs, we prefer carrying shades with power in it, so that we don’t always have to switch between specs and shades while taking pictures.

Earrings – Accentuates a look always. I don’t carry more than 3 pairs of earrings which I mix and match with my outfits. The lesser, the better.

Lipstick/Lip Balm – I personally carry a pink and bold red lipstick to match all kinds of outfits. 

Jewelry (Optional, nothing expensive) – Accessorize your outfits with matching jewelry. But don’t carry too many or anything too expensive.

Eyeliner (Optional) – Depends on the individual. Some girls prefer heavy eye make-up during travel. Personally, I don’t carry it. I just carry a kajal/kohl. You can carry a 3 in 1 Khol/Eyeliner/Eye Shadow by Strawberrynet.

Hair Accessories

All-in-One Comfortable, Lightweight & Stylish Packing List for Europe

In Brugge, Belgium

  1. Beanie – Beanie works really well for a contemporary look. Mostly worn by men.
  2. Bandana – Bandanas can be worn by both men and women. My husband carries 2 bandanas during our trips.
  3. Clips/Hairpins/Hairbands/Rubberbands – Keeps your hair in shape and gives it a different/exciting look.


All-in-One Comfortable, Lightweight & Stylish Packing List for Europe

In Keukenhof Tulip Gardens, Netherlands – Right footwear is important!

Comfort is of utmost importance when it comes to footwear. A good travel shoe can be worn for hours at a stretch. And, in Europe, you will be walking most of the time, so it is necessary to pack the appropriate footwear. It should be compact, lightweight and comfortable.

Leather Boots or Sandals/Flats – Boots go well with any outfit and also keep your feet warm when the weather is cool. I prefer black/dark brown color so that it matches with all my travel outfits. If you are not a boots person, carry a pair of good sandals to go with your outfits.

Flip Flops – If you are staying in a hostel, you definitely need them. Even otherwise, a pair of flip-flops is a must.

Socks – Very important with walking shoes/sneakers. I mostly carry nude and black color socks.

Walking Shoes/Sneakers – You will be walking for approx. 9-10 hours a day. Your shoes ought to be comfortable else you are dead! Invest in a pair of good walking shoes.


All-in-One Comfortable, Lightweight & Stylish Packing List for Europe

Mini size toiletry bottles

  1. Comb
  2. Razor (Ladies + Gents)
  3. Shaving Kit
  4. Pair of Small Scissors 
  5. Nailcutter
  6. Wet Wipes
  7. Earbuds
  8. Shampoo + Conditioner/Soap/Bodywash/Facewash (Tip – Use one for all purposes)
  9. Sunscreen (Must during summers)
  10. Moisturiser
  11. Toothbrush + Toothpaste
  12. Contact Lens + Solution (Only if you wear them)
  13. Winter Cream (Traveling during the winter season)
  14. Quick Dry Towel (Lightweight, compact, dries quickly and can be rolled easily, we carry one from Tesalate, highly recommended)
  15. Hair Oil/Gel (Optional)
  16. Talcum Powder (Optional)
  17. Sanitary Napkins/Tampons/Menstrual Cups (Optional)

It is recommended to carry small/mini size bottles of the toiletries instead of big bottles which we generally use at home.

So, this was our exhaustive and comprehensive packing list. Do let us know your opinions/suggestions/queries about this list in the comments below.

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All-in-One Comfortable, Lightweight & Stylish Packing List for Europe


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